A research by the Amateur Swimming Association found out that there is at least one in five adults who cannot swim. If you are thinking of taking lessons for the first time, you do not have to worry; you are not alone in this endeavor. You may be learning how to swim for the first time, or you simply want to improve your abilities in water, take heart that there are also other adults who are looking to do the same thing you are planning; to find a swimming class in Singapore.

When thinking of learning how to swim, here are some items to keep in mind:

  • Before getting in the water
    • Stay calm. The more you panic, the higher the tendency you will tense up, cramp, and have a hard time learning.
    • Control your breathing. Breathing exercises not only help you stabilize your breathing, but it also help you find your center and calm you down before a swimming lesson.
    • Keep track of the length of time you can hold your breath to have an idea of how long you can stay underwater to avoid panicking.
  • Accessories
    • Choose the right swimwear. Make sure that they right for you and do not impede your movement.
    • Goggles is one of the most popular accessory as it helps the swimmer see better underwater.Swimming Class in Singapore
    • You can also opt for nose clips and ear plugs to prevent water from coming in through them, but be warned, they may be a little uncomfortable at first.
    • Lasty, some beginners also opt for kick boards and paddles to help them with building strength while helping learners to float in a swimming class in Singapore.
  • Strokes
    • There are a lot of different strokes that will give you the benefit you are looking for, but it may not be as easy on the first try as you expected. Doggy paddling is easy but is not really the way to go.
    • When learning these different strokes in a swimming class in Singapore, the most important part is to learn the basics and master them for your body to reap the benefits you are aiming for.
    • Freestyle or front crawl is the most basic one, and it is done by keeping your stomach flat, with your head aligned to your body, and your hand entering the water palm down. Keep your fingers close together to improve speed and move your hands over your head one at a time.
    • Your hands should move simultaneously with your legs when it comes to the breast stroke with long stable movement. When you raise your head, your chin should rest right on the surface of the water as you pull your hands towards your chest.
    • Floating on your back is the easiest trick of all, as you just lie on your back and you keep your face clear of water. This can also be used when you get tired while practicing in the deeper end of the pool during your swimming classes Singapore.

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