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Even experienced athletes have flaws in their techniques. When taking a swimming class Singapore, you have to look into the different threads to find out what you are doing wrong to be able to implement the drills to correct them.


Here are the common areas to check for improvement when attending your swimming class Singapore:

  • Swimming Flat
    • For better propulsion, swimmers, especially athletes that swim long distances use their hips with proper rotation. Take advantage of a swimming class Singapore to develop a long axis that will increase our efficiency in swimming and decrease your body’s workload. The body roll or swimming on edge will give you this effect and may even relieve shoulder discomfort when your arm is in recovery. The perfect drill to improve in this area is the side glide, pause drills. It aims to isolate the body rotation and for better development of muscle memory which becomes part of everyday swimming.


  • Ineffective Catch or absent Catch
    • The “catch” is the motion when your hand and forearm goes into the water. The ideal catch has high elbow with low fingertip position as you feel the pressure in the water and try to grab the water for better arm stroke. Learning this will give positive propulsion and is the quickest way to find speed in swimming. The drill here is to dog paddle with swimming paddles to get accustomed to grabbing the water and feeling the pressure while isolating your catch.


  • Overzealous Kicking
    • Using your legs too much for propulsion will eventually lead to fatigue and exhaustion. Swimmers especially triathletes primarily rely on their hips, arms, and core for propulsion. Using your legs to swim faster will ensure that you get tired quicker and need more energy in swimming. The kick is only used to get our feet near the surface of the water and for body rotation augmentation and not for speed and propulsion. Swimming with a kick board or a pull buoy will help in isolating this movement or swimming in place while holding on to the wall of the swimming pool. This drill has to be done effectively without fins to make sure that you get to isolate the movement better.


  • Balancing or Buoyancy Issues
    • Balancing and buoyancy is very important in reducing the work load on our body when we are submerged in water. When we are able to minimize the drag on our body while swimming against the resistance can significantly reduce the effort we put in. The best drills are for balance and the head drills to help you align your spine and raise your hips and improve your posture in the water.


  • Crossing Over
    • This happens when your fingertips crosses over the midline when entering the water as opposed to keeping your hand right in front of your shoulder. Keeping your hands in light with your shoulder and brings strength in your propulsion during entry, and crossing over could mean the loss of strength and speed. The perfect drill for this is the catch-up, one arm drill that will put focus on your hand entry.

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