Terms & Conditions

Adverse Weather and Safety Precautions

  • Pool authority and swimming instructor reserve the exclusive rights to cancel or postpone the swimming lessons during bad weather and/or for safety reasons.
  • Due to any unforeseen circumstances, should a already commenced class has to be called off in the middle of a lesson, land training exercises, water safety theory or Q&A session may be conducted in replacement of usual practical lessons.
  • Above applies to all situations when it’s not suitable to conduct any pool-cased lesson

Attendance and Make Up Policy

Group Lessons
  • All lesson’s schedule are fixed and there will be NO compensations or makeup lessons for bad weather, absenteeism or late comers.
Private Lessons
  •  4 lessons to be completed in 6 weeks, lessons after 6 weeks will be forfeited.
  •  In case of bad weather or cancellation of lesson, at least 2 hours notification before the start of lesson is needed.
  •  If the coach has reached the destination and a last minute cancellation is made, it will be counted as a lesson.
  •  In case of bad weather and lesson has already started, it will be counted as a lesson.
  • Fees paid are non refundable/transferable.

* Swimming instructors reserved the rights to ask for the  lessons to be cancelled on the following public holidays;

  • All public holiday in Singapore
  • Chinese New Year Eve
  • Chinese New Year, Day 1 to 3 of the lunar calendar.


Upon registration, How to Swim will reserve the slot for 3 days. Student is required to make first month / term payment in full via Internet Banking, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit or Cheque payment within 3 days to confirm the reserved slot.


Public Swimming Pools
  • Any person who wish to enter any of the public swimming pools in singapore has to purchase his/her entrance ticket from the ticketing machine.
Private Condo / Club
  • Students are required to pay for any deposit, entrance or parking fee (If applicable) for the instructor.
  • Different condo management has their own set of policy for private swimming lessons conducted at their premises. It’s the student;s responsibility to check with the condo management before engaging a private swimming instructor to conduct lessons at their condo pool.


Student is required to serve at least 2 weeks notice to withdraw from the ongoing swimming lessons.

Fee Transfer

Fees are not transferable to any third parties.

Cancellation, Postponement or Relief of Group Lesson

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, How to Swim Pte Ltd reserves the rights to cancel, postpone or send a relief swimming instructor if your swimming instructor is unavailable for lesson that week.

Temporary Disruption

Students are required to place a one month deposit to reserve their instructor’s slot if they need to temporarily discontinue the swimming lessons for more than a month.

Swimming Equipment

All students are required to prepare the necessary equipment (Goggle, kickboard, swim cap, proper swimming attire) for all the lessons.


We will not be held responsible for any claims arising out of any injury, damage or loss of life while attending this course and this includes all cost, and expenses incurred as a result of such claims.


How to Swim Pte Ltd reserves the right to alter terms and conditions without prior notice.